New Year

Happy New Year
I would like to share a bit of history of the church where I am assigned. The Welcome Church of El Cajon was initially established by the congregation of St. Alban Episcopal Church in Wells Park in the spring of 2013 to be a radically open, radically welcoming community of faith in El Cajon offering prayer, the Lord’s Table, companionship and true and practical concern for the needs of our neighbors on the street.
Since 2013 the ministry has grown, an ecumenical advisory board has been established, and clergy from the ELCA and UMC have joined Father Dave Madsen as celebrants at “the church with no walls”
We believe it is time to strengthen the foundation of the Welcome Church and to extend its ministry to the marginalized in our community. This means increased focus on pastoral care, building new ecumenical partnerships, better connection to resources for the purpose of referrals, and participating in community wide efforts at education and advocacy on behalf of those on the streets.
We understand this to be our Gospel imperative; to share the truly “good news” of Jesus-that God loves you just as you are, and that all God’s gifts are intended by him to be experienced and enjoyed by all God’s people; regardless of where they slept last night.
The Welcome Church meets on the forth Sunday of each month at 3 PM in Wells Park on Madison in El Cajon. I get to preach often and enjoy the people and the setting. We meet under some very large pine trees. Set up card tables and chairs and have a communion service then lunch/church picnic. I am attaching a snap shot of one of our summer services. I would hope that some day you might take the drive and come see us.


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