Air & Space Museum

Where charity and love prevail, there God is ever found; Brought here together by Christ’s love, by love are we thus bound (Hymn: Where charity and love prevail)


We went to the Air & Space Museum last week with the children of the network. Mr. Ron was our guild. He is a volunteer; he is also a member of the network board. Mr. Ron worked in the air and space industry, inventing many helpful devices for the space program. I noticed that the children were very attentive and stayed very close to Mr. Ron. When the children were asked where they would like to go back to some day they said Air & Space Museum (me too).

I walked around the museum with a very tall teenage boy; he was trying to take everything in. I asked him if he had every seen some of these old planes. No he had not, and then I showed him a 1914 engine with the round cylinders all in a round pattern. He and I counted the number of cylinders, 14 in all. From that moment on the both of us tried to find a bigger and more impressive engine. Well there are plenty of very powerful engines in the museum. As we were walking I keep thinking what fun this is; I wonder if some day this teenager might be an aerospace engineer. Or like Mr. Ron an electronic engineer in the space program. When these kids grow up the world will be deep into space and the last frontier.

As people go deeper into space will they be awed by the variety of outer space and think more of the creator or will they become more agnostic? Do scientific discoveries lead people to the one creator or further away? Can scientific study dull the perception of the creator or bring a person closer to the one creator? Some scholars say closer and some say further away, for me it is closer.

I hope that some of the young people that went to the Air & Space Museum  will always have an appreciation for Science and see the hand of the creator in action.


In the next two weeks

2 Corinthians 3:1-9,18


Are we beginning to commend ourselves again? Surely we do not need, as some do, letters of recommendation to you or from you, do we? You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, to be known and read by all; and you show that you are a letter of






How can one sum up the feelings of an encounter with humanity? How can one tell everyone about the smiles and the tears? What language expresses the joy of family in the pain of abject poverty? I could not film the back alleyways and the trash, or the flies. Most of the last few days were worked in heat and humidity. The smells of the neighborhoods were almost overwhelming. The smiles of the children beyond description, the cry of the babies beckoning me to hold them, and the mothers so grateful for the food we bring.

Yes Jesus I do believe that a sip of water given to a child is like giving you a glass of water. Yet in the chaos, violence, rotting smells and heat I have trouble seeing you or recognizing your presents. In the last two weeks here in the back alleyways I am going to try very hard to see you.

Our Last Buss to Camp Stevens



Next Saturday will be the last trip from St.  Paul’s to their homes, after a full week at Camp Stevens. The weather is still summer. The days are still long, yet the summer is winding down. Soon the summer tutoring program will be ending. We only have one more field trip. Then I will be going back to school and leave my kids on their own. No more photo-ops we return to the mundane . Enjoy the photos !!

Field Trip




We went on a field trip to the Scripps Institute of oceanography. The aquarium was quite a thrill for the children. Scripps gave each of them a small booklet to identify the fish and other undersea creatures. The children loved the booklet and were excited to find the names for the fill in blanks.


I like them was taken back by the size and diversity of Gods creation. The aquarium has the smallest plankton and some very large fish. Many photos of wales and sculptures a true delight for all of us. I was reminded of the excitement of new discoveries.


In the play area there were a number of hands on exhibits that teach about some aspect of physics. I wish I had a movie of the children experimenting with the water pumps. Some of these pumps where bicycle and some were hand crank. None where plane old hand pumps. Hydraulics with air pressure held their attention for long periods of time. All to soon our time was up and we were on our way home. The drive home was in very heavy traffic and some of my crew fell asleep.

When I was driving the empty van back to the church I was thinking about how their world had expanded today. All I had to do was drive them to the aquarium, make sure they stayed together, and then take them home. Such a simple task, I should have known.

1 Cor. 1:L26-27…not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many of noble birth; but…God chose what is weak in this world to shame the strong.