I need a break

I need a break and I have a story to tell you.

The other day I had an afternoon visit to a homebound person and a visit to a rest home. Then it was on to serve at the Wednesday evening service at St. Alban’s. I made the service on time. After the service I did not stay very long. I was dead tired, grouchy and hungry. I had not eaten since breakfast.

Turning right on Magnolia I headed north to the freeway on ramp. But there on my right was a Rubio’s a fish taco would taste good. So I pulled into the parking lot.

I place my order got my number sat down at a table close by. My taco came quickly and I started to feel better. Then it happened a middle age woman came up to my table and asks if I was a Roman Priest. I said no and she said, “Thank God” and sat down. She talked on and on. I was grouchy and all I did was nod my head. After my taco was cold she got up thank me profusely and was gone. No sooner had I pick up my cold taco than a young man asked if he could share my table. I looked around and there were only two other people in the place. I said sure and started to eat my cold taco. He talked me through my taco and his taco plate plus a few more minutes. He got up thanked me for my time and help.

I got up went to my car and got on the freeway. On the ride home I was thinking about those two people and their need for conversation. I gave neither any advice or help I just sat there. I don’t think that either person would have sat down to talk if I had not had my collar on. The truth is that a collar will bring hurting humanity to you and you will have to face it and very cold tacos.

Deacon Phil