Awake, my soul stretches every nerve, and press with vigor on


This is the first lines of the hymn Awake, my soul, and the first words of my morning. What? “stretch every nerve” how is that done? Press on we know about. But stretch a nerve;  that is not a modern western idea. And why is it the hymn for the feast of the Visitation? I knew someone that could answer these questions. She will be remembered today. Her life was spent answering questions like these. I served every early Sunday service with her the full time she was with us. We would often have a conversation after vesting and before the service would start. She was from a very different background than I, she from the Ivy League of the East Coast and I from the dirt of San Diego. She enjoyed my farm humor and I would stretch to understand her theology. Every so often she would stop in the middle of her sermon and tell the congregation about our conversation. Her “A” personality always demanded her total time. She often needed encouragement to keep the great silence. I know of no one in my life that could stretch a nerve except her. As I remember her this morning I press on with vigor and remember her ability to answer question that would baffle most. So long my good friend I will always remember the special Eucharistic feelings I had when serving with you.



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