Field Trip




We went on a field trip to the Scripps Institute of oceanography. The aquarium was quite a thrill for the children. Scripps gave each of them a small booklet to identify the fish and other undersea creatures. The children loved the booklet and were excited to find the names for the fill in blanks.


I like them was taken back by the size and diversity of Gods creation. The aquarium has the smallest plankton and some very large fish. Many photos of wales and sculptures a true delight for all of us. I was reminded of the excitement of new discoveries.


In the play area there were a number of hands on exhibits that teach about some aspect of physics. I wish I had a movie of the children experimenting with the water pumps. Some of these pumps where bicycle and some were hand crank. None where plane old hand pumps. Hydraulics with air pressure held their attention for long periods of time. All to soon our time was up and we were on our way home. The drive home was in very heavy traffic and some of my crew fell asleep.

When I was driving the empty van back to the church I was thinking about how their world had expanded today. All I had to do was drive them to the aquarium, make sure they stayed together, and then take them home. Such a simple task, I should have known.

1 Cor. 1:L26-27…not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many of noble birth; but…God chose what is weak in this world to shame the strong.



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