What happen here, the bad falls on the good


“What happen here, the bad falls on the good?” The van started ok and I made it to St. Paul’s, to pick up the campers from Camp Stevens. But  when I went to move the van to a new parking place the battery was dead. After a few phone calls I was able to get two drivers to drop everything and give a hand. We got the kids home late but safe.

The kids were very tired when they got back. The last night at camp is always late, some stay up most of the night talking. They were so tired they did not have much to say on the ride home. The car and van were very quite.

The Fest of The Transfiguration is in two weeks and I was thinking about the mountaintop experience of the disciples. The kids came back with their own story of a mountaintop experience some talked about the spiritual connection with the mountain and the pines. Others talked about the special friendships they built on the mountain. Each did have a mountaintop experience knowing it or not. Not knowing is ok as I remember that Peter misunderstood the occasion of the Transfiguration of Christ.

I always come home after dropping the kid’s home with the feeling of awe. Their lives are transformed, they do not know it now but when they grow up then they will know how much the mountain top experience changed them.


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