Last Day Intercultural Exchange with Bishop’s School


Yes this was our last day with the joint cultural exchange with the students from Bishop’s School. The kids ranged in age from 8 years to 14 years. Bishop’s award winning water polo team was well represented and many different countries were also represented.

They learned how to tread water and basic swimming, they danced, and they told about their cultural. I even told about my boyhood and shared my Autoharp with them. There were many different types of clothing and art object that they shared with all of us. What a fun way to learn about some one and their cultural. They made notebooks of art and pictures and also interviews of their partners. The director had the booklets printed and bound at Kinko’s. In the back of these notebooks a blank page was for them to have others sign or write something; this whole process was very touching


Today was our potluck dinner. The best part of the week for me, the food was outstanding. So many different tastes and smells, many of the dishes were very hot. I loved every dish and every strange taste. Then we went around the room and said in one word or what every one would like to say about the experience. All were very grateful for the time and program. I could see the change in some of the kids, they just seemed to blossom as the weeks went by. This is theology in its best form.



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