Want to go to the water park?

Ya ! I want to go to the water park. We met our children at St. Luke’s about noon on Wednesday. Three of the girls went in the car with me. What a great place the county has put in on the Harbor side to the County administration building. A play ground with water and everything else that children can enjoy. We had a great time and the girls got wet and very wild. On the way back to the church the girls were singing and telling me stories.

As I was getting ready for bed the day started to come back to me in full color. I realized that I had lost myself in the fun of the day. I had not taken care to watch for the subtle nuances of the girl’s actions or speech. I had just enjoyed their laughter and songs and stories. I also know that they were very grateful. Do I want to go back?


Today was regular Thursday run to pick up food from the San Diego Food Bank and take it to St. Luke’s for distribution in the Sudanese Community. Then in the afternoon we tutor. No splashing, no giggles, no songs, just hard work in the heat.

My two young men were ready to study and study we did. Working with words and concepts. No laughter, looking at the clock wishing for the snacks and the ride home. They were very polite and thanked me, but I could tell they were very tired this afternoon. The heat was getting to them, and I was not at the top of my game. Driving home I thought about the strange way that the weather can effect the mind and personality. How I abounded in energy yesterday and with the heat of today I was sapped.

At Morning Prayer we said the 131st Psalm and this afternoon I wished to still my soul and make it quiet, like a child upon its mother’s breast. I will try this evening, but I may just fall asleep. For at evening prayer my mind could not stay with the Psalms or the readings. Compline will be very short.

Yes I want to go to the Water Park!IMG_0728


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