Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.


On my drive home from a full afternoon I was thinking about the grace of God. There is a divine bias for the poor and simple. It seems to me that God saved the best for those who do not have much, and don’t seem to fit in. Does that mean that God has forgot about the rest of us? Or is it because all human kind is small in Gods eyes. In the end, His bias is for all of us. It is our fault that we think too highly of ourselves and allow the world to delude us into thinking we are better than we are. Or in my case each daily step forces me to reflect on the path I am on. How do I feel about being set aside or chosen for the work of God? Are these chores forming me into the person that will embrace the Icon of the serving church? Will my being set aside effect my thinking about who and what I am becoming? These are the questions that spun in my head after my tutoring session.

I have not thought much about a minute-by-minute account of the afternoon. Instead the persons and events are like colors. Some yellow others pink and then others green.  Youth  straining forward to learning and comprehend the world, and adults listening with their hearts. I have always known that it is not so much what I teach as the quality of the human-to-human contact.

The greeting of the staff and other volunteers was warm and inviting. If I needed anything they were there to help. My young charge for the afternoon session was eager to get started. He was reading about buildings of the world.

As he read we talked and related what was being read to the world. As he read I asked questions about color and shapes. Form became something he started to relate to. Soon he was working with concepts of shape and form. Domes and stadiums were his new delight. The coliseum and then e-co friendly stadium in Australia all made him smile.

After our reading session we just sat. Thinking about how a dome was built in ancient times. We talked a little about the construction of the ancient dome. I ask him if he knew about very large cranes. Yes he has seen them in action. Then I asked if he could imagine four very large cranes lifting a very large dome in place over a building over 23 stories high.

I said, “I watched that happen on TV”.

We both smiled!


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