Mail’s In!



Don’t know about you but may mail box is bulging with election materials,what a great nation we live in with such peaceful elections . I have been reading the book “Who wrote the Bible”, by R. E. Friedman and reflecting on the politics of the early days of the Jewish nation. My reflection took me to Asia and the middle East, more misery, my mind spinning with the images of Africa and more misery. I am exhausted with only clichés to help the mind make sense of the world around me. Mass murder in Santa Barbara has had an effect on all of California and our nation. Sometimes the good news escapes thru the holes in my argument. (Domine, quis habitabit) Then I look to the plasm again and say, “Conserva me, Domine” “For in you have I put my trust”. Then just like the people of old cried out, I also cry out,”O Lord consider my complaint, and hear my prayer”.Image


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