On the lookout for the Paraclete




For some reason I am still having a conversation with the evangelical from last term. So I have been reading “The Paraclete and Prophecy in the Johannine Community” not a long read. It is Pentecostal and written by a Pentecostal scholar. Don’t be a nerd like me and read this. No one should have to endure the case for the Paraclete in the Johannine church, the work of the Paraclete in the prophets and the Paraclete in prophesy. I agree the Johannine community was a charismatic group. They did believe that the Holy Sprit (Paraclete) was speaking through the community. Prophetic utterances were part of their belief system. Some even call the Johannine Community pneumatic. This is not a new debate but did crop back up in the 1970’s and by 1985 there were volumes written on the subject. The one I like is by David E. Aune, “Prophecy in Early Christianity and the Ancient Mediterranean World”(Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1983); all of this has to do with the inspired speech in early Christianity. John does identify the Paraclete with the Holy Spirit. My Pentecostal friend does have a strong point when he states that the Spirit is given indiscriminately to all Believers.


I have been reading a little book called “The Case For The Psalms” by N.T. Wright. This has been such a good read I am sure you will find it a joy. I grew up on the Psalms said each morning, noon, and night. I still find that pattern to be a way of health and vitality.  Long ago I sat through a one-hour lecture on the numbering of the Psalms; talk about nerdy and mind numbing. This book is not like that at all so give it a try.







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