Sunday The Heat Is Gone


Most of the fires are out. 

Wow that was a hot week. I am exhausted, lack of sleep, COPD air problems, fires all around. The fog is back the air is cool and it feels like the beach again. Last night was such a great sleeping night. This morning I can taste the ocean.  Stephen is remembered today as one of the first Deacons of the church. Then we read the passage on how Christ is the cornerstone, and we are living stones proclaiming God’s mighty acts in Christ, the very deliverance form darkness into the light.

Peter proclaimed that Christ is the cornerstone, the one that the people rejected. Christ proclaimed Peter the stone that he would build his Church on. Stephen proclaims Jesus at God’s right hand, and he is stoned to death. Stephen is remembered for his boldness and forgiveness, and as one of the rocks in the bedrock of the early Church. I know a lot of cornerstones of our church. These are people that have been filled with the Holy Spirit proclaiming the gospel in hospitals and rest homes. These people proclaim Jesus in mental hospitals and street corners. I know some homeless that proclaim Christ in their lives. When I am around these people I feel the solidness and holiness of them and I am humbled.


We know that Stephen and the others were already known in their community as hard workers. They were already caring for the community. But it was not until hands were laid upon them that they were filled with the Holy Spirit. They then were bold and proclaimed Christ as the Son of God. Yet the town’s people only saw stones to do harm. Town’s people could not see what the Christian Community could see in these men. Often people that are not part of a community cannot see the value of that community nor the people working in it.


In the very complex mega city’s we live in today it is very hard to see the value of work done in one small corner of the city. Even the people working in these small corners do not know the value of their work.

The Internet has been a valuable tool for getting the word out. We live in a time of instant information, but if the information is not relevant then it is just so much rubble. Putting that rubble into foundations that can be used in the church will help in building community. We in San Diego are so lucky that we have such people that handle information so well. If only we could find someone that could do this kind of work for the other churches at the same level.


Remember that our community is just a stones throw away from other community’s.



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