Sunday Morning Coming Down



A Johnny Cash song, “Sunday Morning Coming Down” it is about a fellow that drinks too much and lives alone. On a Sunday Morning remembers his good Sunday mornings. His mother and how much he misses the life he had. There is nothing like being hung over on mother’s day and not having a mom to go home to. There is that image way down deep in him that recalls when he was a kid kicking a can, and chicken dinner on the stove, the smell of baking pie and a home to go to.


Yes it is Sunday Morning Coming Down, and I think about all the people on the streets and in the canyons that are hung over this morning lost and not yet found. This morning is also Good Shepherd Sunday, they will hear his voice and know him. For Christ is the good shepherd and we are his sheep, lost or found. Christ is the shepherd in the canyons and on our streets. He is the shepherd hunting for his lost sheep in the tribal lands of the Boko Haram. Christ is the good shepherd who is always searching for the homeless and those who feel abandoned. 


Today I am going to pray for all the lost in the world and for a girl missing a captive of the Boko Haram her name is Sarah Samuel. Please join me in this work of the Good Shepherd and pray.



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