And because wickedness is multiplied, most men’s love will grow cold.



Και επειδή πολλαπλασιάζεται η κακία, η αγάπη των περισσότερων ανθρώπων θα αυξηθεί κρύο. (Ματ: 24:12)


After my morning meditation time I turn on the computer. Each morning I have to filter out the hate mail and post. Some of the hate mail comes from people who are Christian. Each morning I sigh, and think how much the wickedness of the world has co-opted my fellow Christians. We of all the people of the earth should write about love at all times. We should be asking for prayers for the Boko Haram’s warriors that their hearts will turn to love. We need to let the world know that Christians love their enemies and we pray for them. Christ said to the killer on the cross, “Today you will be in Paradise with me”. We need to remember that Christ is an inclusive God. Christ ate and drank with sinners. He talked and healed outcast. My soul hurts that there are so many hate messages and post on Christian sites. Please do the hard work of the Gospel and Love.



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