On The Road

Yesterday our class was on the road

. Image The Gospel yesterday was about followers on the road. Now would be a good time for me to use some soft words about we are all on some kind of journey. And that would be fine, I could say things like, “There are many journeys we undertake in this lifetime. Some of these journeys demand we do it alone but if there is an opportunity, it is always good to have a companion.” To Pollyanna for you or should I go on with this? How about in reality we are never alone in this life, Jesus always journeys with us in a guise, right? Or how do we think about our journeys, do we stop and think about our journeys? Who is the one next to us in this journey and what about those that seem to separate from us are they still on the journey with us?


I am not sure if I think about whom I am walking next to on my daily rounds. My first stop during the day to reflect is noon and that reflection is often clouded with thoughts of hunger. Somehow I often let the din of the future to drown out my sense of wonder of the present. I do know from many years of practice in meditation that being in the presence and present takes concentration. Lets us trust the Lord who comes and walks with us in disguise. And we may discover his hidden identity in the many people and events that come our way.


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