“O Pretty Moon”

“ O pretty Moon, you shine so bright!

  I’ll go to bid Mamma goodnight,

  And then I’ll lie upon my bed

  And watch you move above my head

Ah! There, a cloud has hidden you!

  But I can see your light shine thro’;

  It tries to hide you—quite in vain,

  For—there you quickly come again!

  It’s God, I know, that makes you shine

  Upon this little bed of mine;

  But I shall all about you know

  When I can read and older grow[1]”.


Early this morning the alarm went off and I said to my self “this is a mistake” it can’t be morning already. But it was morning and I need to get up. The moon is long gone and the sun is coming up. As I sat in my chair with hands turned up and my head straight I thought, “What do I think about God, and who is my God”?

Here is my early morning list of my God at any given time.

1) A God of heaven and hell

2) A God that is mostly nice

3) A God that is very compassionate

4) A God that is always working for social justice

5) A God sometimes of requirements and judgments, with rewards

6) A very generous God

I wonder how many people think about who their God is. Have I slipped into an undefined orb of thinking? Do I need to think about this in my late years? Should I have not worked this out earlier? It could be that looking into the empty grave gave me time to reflect on what kind of God this is that proclaims resurrection and life. Looking into death yet found a place of life. The character of God shapes my sense of what faithfulness to God means to and to the life I live. So more shaping is in order and it is not an undefined orb of thinking or thinking in circles. The tomb is empty there is no more death.



[1] Excerpt From: Edmund Gosse. “Father and Son: a study of two temperaments.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/avBUD.l



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