Easter Day 2014

Easter Day 2014


What can I add to all of the pomp and beauty of high Easter Mass? How can I even grasp what has happen since last Thursday? St. Symeon “The New Theologian” writes,

“For that which the eye has not seen, or ear heard, which has never entered into     the heart of man, how shall it fall within the scope of sensation”?

All I know is that I was with my brothers and sisters in sacred space. In that sacred space something happened I know not what. The presents of God, or the Holy Spirit I know not. Christ in a special way for sure, but I know not how.

St. Symeon goes on to say, “The man who has received from above the grace of having the praise of God always on his lips opens his mouth to breathe the Spirit of life”.

Even the praise is from God the most generous God, the freely giving God. He seeks us always. John put it this way “Whoever is born of God does not commit sin, for the divine seed abides within him/her and he/she cannot sin because he/she is born of God”. (1n3: 9)

The Lord has risen indeed, Alleluia!!



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