Because they cry out

Because the needy are oppressed and the poor cry out in misery, I will rise up, says the Lord and give them the help they long for.Image

This past weekend I went with others to hand out palms. We had a table set up in a Mall, and the youth of the parish helped with the palms. We were very visible and some people walked way around us, and others came up to us with a yearning in their eyes. We did not give out all the palms we had with us nor did we have many conversations. To some this may have seemed a failure, yet it is so hard to tell what is failure or not in spiritual endeavors. For if just one person starts to think about coming back to God or just one person thought about God that morning the whole project was a success. If just one person that was needy that morning and was given some hope then it was a success. Each time I try to judge spiritual matters with my secular brain I cannot make sense of it. The Lord will rise up, and give them the help they long for


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