Thank you St. Gregory of Nyssa



Holy wind blow thru my mind, is the lyric’s of a song but I can’t remember who’s. There it was the Pneuma going thru the the church that afternoon. The church building is new the excitement of their new cross. The large cross that was going to be put on top of the church. There was a veneration of that cross before it was put in place. The chanting by everyone, the call, the response the beauty the color the the bells, the smells,the veneration of the cross, the food the family and the community all praising God,as my friend said come for the smells, bells, the Holy Spirit, and food and dancing and I was not disappointed. The childern running to and fro, singing the responces that they liked, but always moving. People always on the move and chanting or singing as they willed. There is a beauty beyond by ability to express, it must be part of the Holy Sprit.

Thank you St. Gregory of Nyssa

Thank you Πνεθμα




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