Seem Hot to You?

With the ring of death still in my ears I am thinking of my grandchildren and great grandchildren. What kind of Earth are we leaving them? I am no scientist but the best of the scientist say the time has come when there may be no turning back. It seems to me that the message for humanity and society is simply this: Time is running out. Government officials and top climate scientists say the world will need to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial times. Climate change is anthropogenic – caused by human beings, some much more than others. We as people of the Earth live the consequences of that change: the acidification of oceans and decline of many species in them, the slow disappearance of island nations such as the Maldives, increased flooding, drought, crop failure leading to food-price increases and famine. Then how about the increasingly turbulent weather, Sandy, then a typhoon in the Philippines and heat waves that kills elderly people by the tens of thousands. Does humanity have the capacity to admit the problem; can we name it, and then systematically aggressively address the problem? I not sure it may just be the hot weather today and more for tomorrow. I may be a little out of my mind. There may not be a problem after all. Our press would tell us the truth if they knew it, or would they? I was thinking if the island of Japan was going underwater what would happen, or if we lost half a mile of East Coast shoreline. How about lower Manhattan lost to ocean. Seventh floor water front property, what a sale that would be. Ocean view and diving board from my fourth floor apartment, water taxies to down town. Just think about it, new immigrants from the Canal towns of Europe, with new opportunities for them, their boats, and their labor, a true New, New York. It is just to hot I can’t go on.


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